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Trickle-down workaholism in startups
There's an ingrained mythology around startups that not only celebrates burn-out efforts, but damn well requires it. It's the logical outcome of trying to compress a lifetime's worth of work into the abbreviated timeline of a venture fund.
It's not hard to understand why such a mythology serves the interest of money men who spread their bets wide and only succeed when unicorns emerge. Of course they're going to desire fairytale sacrifices. There's little to no consequence to them if the many fall by the wayside, spent to completion trying to hit that home run. Make me rich or die tryin'.
The entrepreneurs who sign up for such pressures may have asked for it. If you, knowing their sentiments, ask Rabois or Suster for millions to fund your venture, then you probably should expect to have your vacations, weekends, hobbies, family time, or outings with the kids questioned.
But the pressures don't stop with the person who signs the term sheet. That shit trickles down. In fact, it's likely to amplify as it rolls down the hill, like a snowball gathering mass. Because once the millions have cleared, and the headcount has been boosted, it's usually other people who actually have to make good on those exponential expectations.
The sly entrepreneur seeks to cajole their employees with carrots. Organic, locally-sourced ones, delightfully prepared by a master chef, of course. In the office. Along with all the other pampering and indulgent spoils AT THE OFFICE. The game is to make it appear as though employees choose this life for themselves, that they just love spending all their waking (and in some cases, even sleeping) hours at that damn office.

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Telecom companies begin dropping Huawei phones as US crackdown bites

Carriers in Japan, Taiwan and Britain stop taking early orders for newer smartphone models from Huawei.

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Here’s why your video calls freeze and drop so often

Countries like China or Singapore have 75-80% of their telecom towers connected to fibre, but in India the number is at a mere 20%.

BSNL may deploy free space optics technology for backhaul

The fourth-largest telco, however, is currently studying the technology and its use case for future application, following spectrum constraint in scen..

WhatsApp says it moved fast to contain spyware attack damage

"We are committed to doing all we can to prevent these abuses to our systems,” the Facebook-owned company said in its response to the government.

Hobbling Huawei

Hobbling Huawei - Inside the U.S. war on China's tech giant

4G tablet shipments in India witness 63% sequential growth: CMR

4G tablet shipments in India witnessed a 62% sequential growth in the January-March quarter of this year in a market which is currently being dominate..

UK chip designer ARM complying with new U.S. rules on Huawei

UK chip designer ARM complying with new U.S. rules on Huawei

Time to abandon Huawei phone? Indian retailers pushing consumers to other handset brands

Some retailers also say they have started pushing consumers to devices other than Huawei, given the uncertainty about their future supplies.

Google Pixel 4 may be a completely ‘button-less’ smartphone

Google recently launched its affordable flagship smartphones -- Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL.

Sony hangs up on India smartphone market

The brand has ceased sales in Central and South America, the Middle East, South Asia, and Oceania, among other markets already

Apple's Goal In The Second Biggest Smartphone Market

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Chinese brands dominate, but Europe smartphone sales down

Smartphone sales in Europe during the first quarter of 2019 fell 3% year-on-year and 20% quarter-on-quarter, the analyst firm Counterpoint Research sa...

Major price cuts for Tata Sky Set-Top Boxes: Both HD and SD boxes get Rs 400 cheaper

Tata Sky has slashed prices of its Set-Top Boxes by Rs 400. The price cut is applicable on both the SD and HD boxes.

Reliance Jio VoWi-Fi calling facility: All you need to know

Even though there is a huge uncertainty in the telecom sector these days, Reliance is in no hesitation to invest huge sum of money on it.

Reliance Jio retains crown as India's only telecom operator to add mobile subscribers in March

Reliance Jio has added 9.4 million customers while India’s teledensity has declined 1.82% to 90.11%, from 91.86% in March 2019 with active wireless ..

Taxes in Telecom's trying times

In terms of wireless subscriber base, India stands at second position after China and ahead of US, however, in terms of ARPU, India is probably amongst the lowest with an ARPU of less than a $1, which is significantly lower than China and US and is a reflection of intense competition in the Indian market which is keeping the tariffs low.

Tech Mahindra betting big on telecom sector's revival for growth, says CFO

In India, defence modernisation is another focus area for the company. The company recently signed Rs 300 crore defence contract.

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